God gave us in 2012 New Projects that Intersession have called ACTIVE NATIONS .

Among the projects undertaken are :

Active USA (you can see in
Active Costa Rica and Central America (you can see in
Active Brazil (you can see in
Activa Argentina (you can see in
Activa Spain and Portugal (you can see in
Active Hungary (you can see in
Active Switzerland (you can see in

The task for each project has been anointed around each country or territory forming a ring of fire with spiritual prayers, intercession for Families and pray in key locations throughout ancestral curse breaking and spiritual slavery and establish freedom prophetic decrees over the country and the Region.

After months of prayer, research and implementation we have decided to accelerate the process of activation Draft Intercession and Anointing of Ecuador called "ACTIVE - ECUADOR" prepared for August 2014. Activity is part of the MEGA project of God for Revival and Blessing the various countries of the world called "ACTIVE NATIONS" .

To coordinate all activities including various meetings Prophetic Intercession ( RIP ) to the passage of the Caravan of Anointing, analysis of routes to select, places and key cities to visit etc. We have chosen to Apostle David Sierra, and he will have the help of his wife the Prophet Alexandra. They are my "children " in the Ministry, therefore, people my confidence for the task to be done for the good of his country. The Sierra are currently the only persons authorized by the Ministry AMM to coordinate Active - Ecuador.

Of course, the work of coordination is the goal and intention to involve the largest possible number of Ecuadorian Ministers in the project. Its success depends on the mass ministerial support and a high degree of involvement of local congregations, their pastors and intercessors.


Apostle Rony ChavesAt the feet of Christ

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