Activating Nations

In recent years, God has assigned to our ministry A.M.M. (Avance Misionero Mundial, World Mission Advancement); Prophetic Intercession tasks in different places of the world, pushing to pray between God's people for His blessing, salvation and freedom of thousands families.

Active Nations is a Pray, Clamor and Decrees Project. Is a Prophetic Tour which runs along strategic places of a region to intercede and revoke any darkness operation against the territory and declare blessing and God favor on the earth. During the tour, the Apostolic-Prophetic Team join in every City or State to a Ministry Intercession Team that lives in the place.

This Prophetic Tour has been in United States, Central America, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal. Following these tours, the results in each region have been amazing...


Next meeting

June 26, 2017: RIP City of Cajamarca

June 26, 2017: RIP City of San Ignacio 8:00 p.m.

June 27, 2017: City of Machu Pichu

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Next tour

June 26, 2017
Group 2 Piura - Cajamarca

June 27, 2017
Group 1 Cusco - Machu Pichu

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