God entrusted from 2012 Intercession new projects we have called ACTIVE NATIONS.

Among the projects are:

Activating USA (you can see in
Activating Costa Rica and Central America (you can see in
Activating Brazil (you can see in
Activating Argentina (you can see in
Activating Spain and Portugal (you can see in

The task on each Project has been anointed around each country or territory forming a spiritual fire ring with our prayers, intercession for the families and pray in key locations throughout ancient curse breaking and spiritual slavery and establish prophetic decrees about the country and the region.

Today we are pleased to announce that God has led us to make a new project that includes Central Europe, especially Hungary and its bordering nations: Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia (9 countries). These countries were part of the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire and where millions of Hungarians are now living product of the division of Hungary after the first and second world war.

Hungary is a country that is in the sight of God for a great revival and an impact on this region will play a number of countries by their common language. This is a country in which the Holy Spirit has opened miraculously and there were several of my books translated into Hungarian, which has helped us to travel and minister with great results in the recent years in this nation.

This time God has led us to start the Tour of Switzerland and pray for this nation, turning the country, anointing, selecting cities and key locations to anoint, to intercede and order. Switzerland has been a country with open arms for the World Mission Advancement Ministry Rony Chaves, is where the Soteria Ministry has opened doors across the nation, several African countries that were Swiss former colonies and through which we have translated and nine of my books from Spanish into French, distributing them throughout Europe and part of Africa. This country is key to the global financial movement in diversity have been established widely recognized international organizations, including: The International Red Cross, World Trade Center, The Supreme Court of Europe, the UN, the International Monetary Fund. All these and more are key locations for our prayers and decrees are directed.

Intended dates for this tour are from September 14 to 30. In this particular case, hold two events on a journey: Activating Hungary, Activating Switzerland and Activating Central Europe. We have conducted preliminary discussions with the Ministers concerned will be coordinating our visit to these countries: the Salmist Sylvain Freydmond in Switzerland and the Pastor Tamás Raki in Hungary. Let's keep them in prayer that the Lord will open the doors for the organization of the tour and give them wisdom in all their endeavors.

We are currently in the process of organization to choose cities to visit key places to pray, roads, choice and booking of hotels, cars, and especially the choice of the Apostolic - Prophetic Team accompany us in this powerful Prophetic Tour. Please pray for coverage for all these details and others that we shall be showing in the future. Both Activating Switzerland and Activating Hungary (Central Europe) will accompany us on our vehicles apart from the Swiss and Hungarian shepherds along the way, this is wonderful as these projects have the intentions to mobilize pastors and intercessors to claim for his nation. In both territories will make Prophetic Intercession Tours meetings to motivate and activate the prayer warriors. Watch for new information next week on specific cities you will be passing to seek information on the Internet and have a good effective intercession for the Project.

Apostle Rony Chaves
At the feet of Christ