Greetings in the glorious name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

I have the pleasure and privilege to inform you that after several months of constant prayer for the country and their families in the Northern European Region, the Lord has given us He permission for September (from 1 to 14) a territorial Intercession and Anointing Project Active Nations in that area. The project would have called "Activa Reforma" (Active Northern Europe), because it will touch the nations where he strongly centuries before the Protestant Reformation.

The countries that we will touch are: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. The slogan’s project is: "Reopening old wells". In our prayer the Lord has led us to you to request your cooperation in our movements in the country where you are and to organize meetings to develop prophetic intercession in the cities where the caravan pass Prophetic Tour.

You can get more information about this Project and others that we done in

Receive my love, respect and Apostolic blessing.

Apostle Rony Chaves