In recent years the Most High God has assigned him to our Ministry A.M.M. (World Missionary Advancement) tasks of Prophetic Intercession in diverse regions of the planet, mobilizing the prayer among the people of God for the blessing of their territory and for the salvation and liberation of thousands of Active Nations is a Project of Prayer, Cry and Decrees. It consists of a Prophetic Tour that crosses strategic points throughout a region with the objective that Intercede and revoke all operation of the darkness against the territory, as well as declare blessing and the favor of God on earth. The idea is that at the passing of this Apostolic-Prophetic Team of Intercession each Province, State or City, simultaneously can have a Ministerial Team united in intercession around their Zone.

The divine assignment has led us this year to the Bolivia Active Intercession Project, in beautiful South America. The response of the Servants of God in the nation has been very positive, defining the date of the Prophetic Tour since 20 September, 2018.

This Project of Prophetic Intercession has visited in America: United States, Central America, Brazil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile and Argentina. In Europe: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Central Europe, Peru, Colombia and more. After the passage of the Prophetic Tour through these countries, the results in each region have been amazing.

On this page you can find information about the Strategy to be followed and about the Team of Ministers that will form the International Apostolic Team that will be developing this Project. You can also join this Tour, write us to consult more information to the email

We will be in touch. Receive my affection, respect and Apostolic blessing.


Apostle Rony Chaves
At the feet of Jesus Christ